Gordonville, TX. (July 20, 2011)

Stedi-Stock, the ultimate optic stabilizer has chosen Rendezvous Marketing Group as its marketing communications agency of record.

Stedi Stock, based in Gordonville, TX, produces a family of products that significantly improves stability and performance of all optic devices.  The Stedi-Stock brand products are synonymous with better images because each enables optics to be operated as “steady as a rock.” When people are serious about getting better images, they “ Put it on a Steady Stock

Rendezvous Marketing Group will initially provide advertising, media planning, strategic planning, sales recruitment and management and counsel services for Stedi Stock.

“The owner(s) behind Stedi Stock was the biggest catalyst of why we chose to partner with the Company” said Justin Neal, Rendezvous Marketing Group’s President. “The internal staff is as quality as the products they produce. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the Stedi Stock.”

Rendezvous Marketing Group (RMG) is dedicated to their customers, making each relationship a win/win.  RMG stands behind the belief that they would rather see their clients’ money be put towards effective marketing then to the agency. They are a group that is always learning, always thinking and always listening to their customers. RMG offers advertising, public relations, creative, consulting, strategic planning and overall marketing communications. Visit Rendezvous Marketing Group at www.stage.rendezvousmarketinggroup.com