Omaha, NE (May 1, 2013):

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets, arguably the most effective and safest target on the market retains RMG to handle all marketing communications, sales alignment and management, Public Relations and Creative Services.

“I’m extremely excited to add Justin and his staff to our team of already dedicated professionals” said Brent Michels, Co-Owner of Sonic Boom. “Unlike other marketing/ad agencies, Rendezvous will do whatever, whenever to make sure our company is succeeding, we couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

Sonic Boom™ targets consist of two inert components that, when mixed, blow up if impacted by a projectile. Easy to mix and easy use. The Company guarantees this will reinvigorate shooting sports. The Rifle targets require at least a 40 grain bullet traveling at least 2,200 fps to detonate. The Rimfire Targets require a bullet traveling at least 1500 fps to denote (shotguns, .22 caliber, etc.).

“How can you pass an opportunity like this up?” questioned Justin Neal, President of Rendezvous Marketing Group. “Not only is this product in high demand, its also a lot of fun and the two guys that head this company up are just good guys. Really a no-brainer for RMG.”

Rendezvous Marketing Group (RMG) is dedicated to their customers, making each relationship a win/win.  RMG stands behind the belief that they would rather see their clients’ money be put towards effective marketing then to the agency. They are a group that is always learning, always thinking and always listening to their customers. RMG offers advertising, public relations, creative, consulting, strategic planning and overall marketing communications. Visit Rendezvous Marketing Group at