As the snow starts to fly and holiday cheer – or as much of it as we can muster in this weird year – starts to build, we’re thinking about what might turn up under the Christmas tree.

It so happens that all around the RMG family, there are some pretty sweet Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Giving Tuesday deals, so here they are – all in one place, easy for you to cash in on. Sweet deals from rad companies.

Chaos Save 20 Give 20

Starting Weds, Nov 25 and running through Giving Tuesday, Chaos Hats is donating 20% of every purchase at to SOS Outreach … but also giving you 20% off too! 

SOS Outreach is a super cool non-profit that teaches kids to ski, snowboard, backpack, climb, and camp—activities that many of the kids who they work with wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. They’re helping kids overcome obstacles on the mountain that translate to overcoming obstacles in life. Whether it’s courage and discipline to get back up when they fall or humility and compassion to help their peers navigate a challenging run, SOS helps them recognize these strengths to lead happy, healthy and successful lives.

Hats, scarves and accessories … eco-friendly, natural fibers, tech fabrics – trendy, classics, basics – everything to keep your head and neck warm and in style. This deal runs November 25 – December 1, 2020, use code Save20Give20 at checkout.

JEBS Choke Tubes

If a more straightforward hunting lid is on your list, JEBS Choke Tubes is offering 33% off all hats, while supplies last, with the code HATS33 through November 29. While you’re at JEBS, how about picking up a choke to go with that hat? Might just help you put a Thanksgiving turkey on the table, those squirrelly fall gobblers can be a lot of fun.

Kauger Black Friday

Now if screwing a fancy choke tube into your gun isn’t custom enough for you, check out what’s happening at Kauger Arms. Kauger is a premier level custom gun manufacturer, and when you’re in that best-of-the-best category, discounts usually aren’t your “thing.” But Tim Kauger knows that when a guy screws a bolt knob that looks like a grenade onto his rifle … well, that makes a fella smile. And Tim likes that. So for a very few days, get a custom bolt or action and help that special someone trick out their rifle with sweet, high end components with a 20% off discount … even if that someone is YOU. Here’s your code to use at checkout: 20-20


This year, Teeg is taking his nephew Levi late season muzzleloader hunting for deer in Iowa. It will be Levi’s very first deer hunt, and he’s just learning the ropes of black powder. Maybe you know someone else who is just getting going in black powder, especially with those cool old black powder revolvers. Well, incredible Italian gunmakers at Pietta not only make super cool reproduction guns, they’re making it easy to get into shooting them with these new Black Powder Revolver Starter Kits. Demand is so high that they don’t do much in the way of discounts, so get while the getting’s good and score 15% off with code BF2020 at the EMF Website.

Clenzoil Universal Kit

Maybe your deal is that you just need to get a gun cleaned up, or someone on your list is doing their fair share of shooting. If that’s the case, the Clenzoil Universal Cleaning Kit at $39.99 is a deal that doesn’t need a discount. Just get one, and kick yourself for not buying it during the Veteran’s Day deal that Clenzoil just wrapped up, where – for every item they sold for the two weeks leading up to Veteran’s Day – they sent an identical item to a veteran. Oh, and earlier this year, they matched dollar-for-dollar $1000 worth of donations to The Marathon Man Fishing Event to get the kids of military families outdoors. Veteran founded, Veteran owned, the kind of generous company we all wanna support, right?

Mossy Oak CLP

Thinking “a little more stocking stuffer?” Mossy Oak CLP is the one-step Clean / Lubricate / Protect all-star that will get your guns, fishing reels, and any other equipment that you spray it on working the way it’s supposed to.  For just a few bucks you can drop this 2 oz pump sprayer or that sweet little Needle Oiler into someone’s stocking to help grease their wheels, so to speak.

Nilodor Adventure Dogs

Anybody who knows anything about us knows we are crazy about dogs. Crazy! Our friends at Nilodor Pets rolled out a Health & Wellness line this year that will keep the furry friends on your Christmas List feeling good, with a nose & paw serum, a tear stain remover, an ear cleaner and an electrolyte. If you’ve got one of those floofy little dogs, their Bobbi Panter line of shampoos and conditioners is the premier tier stuff. The Ultra Collection and Tough Stuff line are going to keep your home and pets in tip-top shape. Look for hot buys wherever their products are sold this holiday season, or just pony up and get some. It’s worth $12 not to have your house smell funky for the holidays (or any time for that matter).

Bird Dog

If you know Justin, you know we aren’t going to get through our longest article of the year without working in a bird dog. Mossy Oak Active Outdoor Dog has shampoos and sprays for your dog, plus sprays and One Drop Odor Eliminator for your house, truck, kennel and everywhere else. After a day of hunting or outdoor play, our dogs stink. The Mossy Oak Outdoor Dog products fix that like nothing else can. 100% odor elimination – this stuff works.

Fussell Farms

We’ll wrap up this little walk through the Christmas Catalog with what is honestly the biggest discount from anyone on Team RMG. Fussell Farms makes automated sprayers for controlling pests – especially flies – on cattle. They’re offering a 20% discount through the end of 2020, and to be honest, that’s unheard of. It’s nice to save a few bucks on a hat (thanks, Chaos!) but it’s been a tough year in the cattle business, so for the chance to literally save $1000 on a sprayer, that’s a really, really big deal. We know most folks don’t have a hundred head of cattle hanging out behind their house, but if you do – or if you know anyone who does – get on this, because it’s not something that’s likely to happen again any time soon, and it’s huge.

So there you have it – that’s what we’re using to build our holiday shopping list, and it’s a pretty sweet suite of deals if you ask us. Every one of these companies has our respect, our thanks and our admiration – we stand by them, and we hope you will too.

It’s been a crazy assed year, let’s end it well. There’s still a lot to be thankful for, and plenty to celebrate as we enter this season of joy.

Holiday Cheers from your friends at RMG.