Rendezvous Marketing Group Agency of Record For RAKS Mineral

Omaha, Neb. (April 7, 2011) – Raks Mineral has chosen Rendezvous Marketing Group as its marketing communications agency of record.

Raks Mineral, based in Pender, NE, produces a high-end mineral supplement specifically formulated for antler growth in deer. Raks Mineral provides a proven balance of vitamins and minerals that improve herd health, immunity and energy and helps to build a genetically better animal.

Rendezvous Marketing Group will initially provide advertising, media planning, strategic planning and counsel services for Raks.

“We look forward to helping Raks get to the next level and connect with their audience throughout the nation,” said Justin Neal, Rendezvous Marketing Group’s President. “The internal staff at RAKS are great people, deeply rooted in the hunting and ranching culture, these are just the type of people we liked to build long and lasting relationships with.”

Rendezvous Marketing Group (RMG) is dedicated to their customers, making each relationship a win/win.  RMG stands behind the belief that they would rather see their clients’ money be put towards effective marketing then to the agency. They are a group that is always learning, always thinking and always listening to their customers. RMG offers advertising, public relations, creative, consulting, strategic planning and overall marketing communications. Visit Rendezvous Marketing Group at