Warner Robins, GA—Clean Control Corporation, manufacturers of the Lethal Brand of human scent elimination products, recently introduced a new 1.3 gallon size Lethal Field Spray and activator at the retail level to satisfy the desire of outdoorsmen who believe in the concept of total scent elimination in the field.   The 1.3 gallon size is exclusive to the market, just like the compatible eight (8) ounce size activator that accompanies the giant field spray container.  Once activated, the spray is guaranteed fresh for 90 days, providing the hunter with a level of confidence unmatched by any other scent elimination product. Lethal’s brand new 168-ounce size is nearly seven (7) times larger the standard 24-ounce shelf size offered by competitive brands.


“People who are really serious about scent elimination told us they wanted something bigger and better.  We’re talking about seasoned bowhunters and outfitters who start by spraying themselves, but know that total scent elimination means treating everything such as ground or tree blinds, decoys and equipment carry-in bags.  Rather than hassling with multiple product containers, they wanted a jumbo size that provides convenience and longevity to go with the confidence of using the freshest product that only Lethal Scent Elimination can offer,” said Steve Davison, CEO of Clean Control Corporation.  We’re talking about outfitters who need to spray all their clients in a camp at any given time.  Hunters who are serious about scent elimination told us that size does matter and Lethal now delivers.” Davison continued.


The new gallon container includes another new feature to the market, a pump-up spray applicator.  Like other spray applicators, it quickly dispenses product and allows the user to maintain the desired level of pressure to match the job at hand and will continuously spray for 15 minutes.


This new innovative container of scent elimination is highly anticipated by hunters and retailers, alike.  The iconic red and black Lethal brand identification jumps out at retail shoppers even more because of its sheer size.   Visual notoriety on the retail shelf has been achieved with unique combination of the dominant size container and award-winning package design.  A superior freshness guarantee backing up the product by the manufacturer provides yet another feature that separates Lethal from others on the shelf.


In addition to field spray and activator, the Lethal human scent elimination line is complete with a full line of products including laundry detergent and dryer sheets, shampoo and body wash, deodorant, field wipes, boot and body powder, scent eliminating toothbrush and other exclusive products.