Deep in the heart of Mexico lies Rancho ala Blanca (RAB), a little known wingshooting resort with big dreams. When RAB approached Rendezvous Marketing Group the resort’s two requests were, more “heads in beds” and to create a showpiece that could put the true grandeur of the resort on paper. The first, a tall order, the second, common day around RMG.

Ad Campaign

To reach a large a diverse group of wingshooting enthusiasts RMG selected just as diverse number of publications to promote RAB. From corporate based publications to regional newspapers and higher end, endemic publications. With each publication came several creative campaigns that would appeal to the respected audience, it worked flawlessly, Rancho ala Blanca increased their business by well over seventy-five percent.

Booking Agent Alignment

Another key factor in the overall sales success of an outfitter is aligning with quality booking agents. RMG recruited some of the best in the business but, did not end there. How do you create synergy and keep agents interested in a single property? By providing them with creative and marketing outlets customized to their company. Thus, RMG does all the work and the booking agents get the commission.

Showcase Piece

Getting potential customers excited and impressed was the goal when creating Rancho ala Blanca’s main showcase piece. With professional photography of vivid and breathtaking images, content that tugged on the heartstrings as well as appealed to the avid wingshooter, creative outlet that easily flows and lastly adding a fifth and sixth color to a landscaped layout and finishing it off with UV Coating reached the end goal of creating a piece that puts the resort of paper.